Iowans can make history this year, by electing a woman to Congress.  

You read that right; Iowa has never elected a woman to a federal office.

That’s why we’ve come together to support the woman who will break Iowa’s glass ceiling.

Staci Appel served in the State Senate, she made quality preschool available to every Iowa family, sponsored legislation to improve school lunches and make roads safer by requiring minors to wear seatbelts and banning texting while driving. Staci also spearheaded the effort to pass equal pay legislation and the Smokefree Air Act

That’s the kind of strong, independent leadership we aren’t getting right now from Washington.

But Staci can’t win this race on her own. She needs our help. And we are answering the call, by starting Appel Women for Change.

We will be thousands of women working together, who believe the time has come to send a woman to Washington. We will knock doors, we will make calls and we will raise money.

Join us today by agreeing to be listed as one of the Appel Women for Change below!