Born and raised in Iowa, married for 18 years, mother to six kids and a former Financial Consultant, Staci Appel calls rural Ackworth, Iowa home. Staci took her deep Iowa roots, and her equally deep commitment to Iowa families to the State Senate in 2006 where she fought for Iowa’s backbone – middle-class families, farmers and small-business owners. During Staci’s time in the Iowa Senate, legislators took notice of her steadfast commitment to the people she served. Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal said, “I have never seen a freshman legislator come down to the capital and work as hard as Staci Appel.”

That work included leadership on legislation like Iowa’s statewide smoking ban, pre-school for every 4 year old and championing the bill making Iowa the first state in the nation to require equal pay for equal work. 

Despite Staci’s accomplishments in the Senate, she too fell victim to the giant Tea Party wave of 2010, losing to a Tea Party darling. But in 2014, Staci will take her long-standing record of doing what’s right for Iowa and turn the seat blue in November.